Consumer Mailing Lists

What is a Consumer Mailing List?

A Consumer Mailing List comes from a source of nearly 200 million individuals with demographic and psychographic information as well as buying behaviors.

Standard Consumer Mailing Lists come from one of two main compilers. We have other sources for custom specialty lists but this page is about Consumer Lists. The major list data compilers are Experian, InfoUSA/Donnelley, Equifax/Epsilon, Acxiom, and Excelsior. While each provide differing levels of premium quality data, each have some special attributes that makes one better than the other for certain situations, and each are more or less accurate in certain areas. Why is this so? Now we are getting into the details that most people don’t want to take time to learn. To keep it simple, there are two things that every list buyer should know:

  1. All consumer list data contains consumer “self-reported” data which, as you can guess, it not always accurate.
  2. All consumer list data is to some degree “modeled” data. In other words, when the compilers don’t know the information for the addresses on their list, they “model” IE “guess” as to the likelihood of what that information is based on other addresses with similar properties that they do know. And since each compiler “models” their data differently, the skews vary by substantial margins. For example: Equifax/Epsilon has 35% more households than Experian and 15% more than InfoUSA/Donnelley.

Here is more information that highlights these skews:

  • Experian says 37% of households have incomes of $75,000 or more.
  • InfoUSA/Donnelley says 43% of households have incomes of $75,000 or more.
  • Equifax/Epsilon says 22% of households have incomes of $75,000 or more.
  • Acxiom says 28% of households have incomes of $75,000 or more.

Why am I taking the time to share this information with you? Well, for two reasons:

  1. If you are considering buying a mailing list, you should know what you are getting.
  2. You should know that your mailing results will likely be much more successful if you obtain your list from someone with extensive list experience and will make recommendations and who cares enough to help you avoid the pitfalls.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us. We have industry connections whatever your list needs are. And we always have YOUR best interest at heart! (301) 960-8000.



We don’t force our customers to a certain list compiler, though we certainly make recommendations. Mailers Haven uses both Excelsior Consumer Data, when deliverability and premium selects are your top concerns, as well as Acxiom data, the most comprehensive consumer list available.



Don’t settle for lower cost, lower quality data. In a recent study, Acxiom’s data came out on top against its regular Consumer list competitors. And with our premium Consumer file, Excelsior, we guarantee even higher deliverability rates. Give our Consumer data a try. You’ll find better lists means better results.




One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we always host our data with the compiler. That means the day their data is updated, we have access to it. Also, on the Excelsior Consumer file, that data is double cleansed during the compilation process, making it the freshest data available.

If you need a list of any type, give us a call or click below and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll be happy to help you and answer all your questions.