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Increase Your Mailing Effectiveness Multiple-Fold with a Targeted Mailing List aimed directly at those who are looking for or will benefit from and be interested in your offer. For starters we have Occupant Mailing Lists, Consumer Mailing Lists, and Business Mailing List. And that’s just the beginning! Take a peak at the list below to see list of the most common lists we have available at our fingertips.

Before you buy a mailing list of any kind, you should know these two things:

  1. If you are considering buying a mailing list, you should know what you are getting.
  2. You should know that your mailing results will likely be much more successful if you obtain your list from someone with extensive list experience and will make recommendations and who cares enough to help you avoid the pitfalls.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us. We have industry connections whatever your list needs are. And we always have YOUR best interest at heart! (301) 960-8000.

What you should know about all Mailing Lists:

Mailing lists are not perfect. While we sell the best of what’s available, it is very difficult to keep track of 200 million consumers and 22 millions businesses. Your customers should understand the average deliverability of each list (see above) before they mail. Common list problems include “out of business” records, deceased, vacancies as well as demographics (income, age, etc.) not being 100% accurate.


The best mailing lists you can find – We promise!

Helpful Marketing has partnered with one of the best mailing list wholesalers in the industry! This gives Helpful Marketing competitive access to the most complete and up to date, list sources in the business!  Here is a sampling of some of our most common mailing list data sources:

We understand that even one bad list can lose a customer for life. That’s why Helpful Marketing works hard to provide only top quality data. You can use our lists with the confidence of knowing your customer is getting the best mailing lists that are available.

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Occupant Mailing Lists
  • Occupant lists general information
    • Lists can be orded without Occupant Names or with Occupant Names where available
  • Free Occupant Data Selects
    •  Radius by Distance
    • Quantity by Distance
    • Radius by Drive Time
    • Quantity by Drive Time
    • Dwelling Type
    • Route Type
    • Median Income
    • Median Home Value
    • Median Age
    • % of Households w/ Children
    • % Ethnicity Type
    • % Length of Res
  • Occupant List Dwelling Types
    • SFDU (Sing;e Family Dwelling Unit) i.e. “homes”
    • MFDU (Multi-Family Dwelling Unit) i.e. “apartments”
    • TRLR (Trailers)
    • BUS (Businesses)
  • Carrier Route Types
    • City Routes: Normal addresses, such as 123 Main St.
    • Rural Routes: Routes in rural areas, often designated RR 4231, with no street address.
    • P.O. Boxes: These are USPS (United States Postal Office) Post Office Boxes at a local Post Office that people and businesses rent.
  • Demographics
    • Median Income, Median Home Value, Median Age, % of Households w/ Children, % Ethnicity Type, and % Length Res.
    • Above demographics are based on entire carrier routes, instead of at the household level.
    • Not as targeted as the Consumer list, but for jobs where distance and saturation postage rates are the most important factors, having some general demographic selects is useful.
D&B* Business Data Levels and License info
  • D&B Basic Business Packages
  • D&B Business Plus Packages
  • D&B Platinum Business Plus Packages
  • Info Mailing Base Usage License
  • Info Calling Base Usage License
  • Free Selects included in D&B* Basic Business packages
    • Geography
    • SIC Code
  • Free Selects included in D&B* Business Plus packages
    • Employee Size
    • Sales Volume
    • Year Started
    • HQ / Branch Indicator
    • Minority Owned
  • Free Selects included in D&B* Platinum Business Plus packages
    • Multi-Use (unlimited for 1 year)
    • 100% Phone Numbers
    • Contacts (where available)
    • Job Titles (where available)
  • Info Mailing and Calling D&B* Usage License information
    • Multi-Use (unlimited for 6 months)
    • Contacts (information for each record may vary)
    • Job Titles (information for each record may vary)
    • Calling includes Phone Numbers
  • Premium Selects with D&B* Business lists
    • Cottage Industry
    • Contact Name Year Born
    • Exact Employee Size
    • Exact Sales Volume
    • Franchise Indicator
    • Gender
    • Number of Computers
    • Owner’s Ethnicity
    • Owns / Rents Code
    • Private / Public Indicator
    • Small Business Indicator
    • Square Footage
    • Women Owned Indicator
    • Website URL

Contact Helpful Marketing directly for information on InfoUSA** Business Lists

*D&B means The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation.
**InfoUSA is a registered trademark of INFOUSA INC.

*D&B means The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation.
**InfoUSA is a registered trademark of INFOUSA INC.